Song Jieun Makes a Promise if She Wins No. 1

On October 14th, Song Jieun held a showcase and press conference at Ilchi Art Hall for her first mini album “25.”

When asked, “What promise will you make if you win no. 1” she cautiously responded, “Dare I make a promise if I win no. 1?” However she continued, “I would like to bring together all the 25 year old people in the nation for tea time.”

Song Jieun shows off a new side to her music in her 1st mini album “25.” The title track is composed by Duble Sidekick and the album includes other songs such as “Don’t Look at Me Like That,” “Star,” “Janus” and La Boum.”

Meanwhile, Song Jieun released her music video for “25” earlier today and will begin album promotions.


Source: OSEN

Courtesy of TS Entertainment
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