SONAMOO’s Nahyun Performs Despite Knee Contusion

On this week’s episode of “MTV’s The Show” SONAMOO member Nahyun showed some serious fighting spirit as she performed through the pain of a knee contusion.

After their stage rehearsal, Nahyun came back out to the stage partially carried by her members. 

Her agency TS Entertainment stated, “It seemed to be really hard for Nahyun to go up on stage with her injured leg. Before rehearsals for ‘The Show Season 4’ Nahyun went to the hospital to have her knee checked and was diagnosed to have contusions (bruises). It seems like scheduled events will be able to continue without a hitch.”

Props to Nahyun for performing through her injury! Make sure to stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on your favorite idols and artists.


Source: Herald News

Image courtesy of TS Entertainment
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