Sonamoo Releases “I Think I Love You?” Album Trailer

Sonamoo | moonROK
Audio and visual media courtesy of TS Entertainment


Sonamoo has released and album trailer video for their upcoming first single album, “I Think I Love You?”

The album trailer video gives a preview of the mood for the music video and plays an isntrumental song in the back. The official Sonamoo Facebook page has been using the hashtag “#OrangeCappuccino,” which is likely to be the title of the title track on the single album.

Check out the trailer below and keep reading moonROK for all the latest Kpop updates!



Sonamoo | moonROK

Sonamoo | moonROK


Source: TSENT2008

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  1. Flav 6 years ago

    Please don’t share wrong infos :/

    The name of the title track is “I Think I Love U” just like the album. The trailer released is the album trailer and the instrumental you hear on background is one of the songs from their single album, a song called “Orange Cappuccino” apparently.
    The mv teaser with the actual title track will be uploaded on the 6th of january, as state by TS entertainment on the picture schedule they released last week

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