SNSD’s Yuri Talks Trekking Jeju Island with Nothing but a Map, Acting Plans, and More in Interview

Girls’ Generation is on the cover of this month’s issue of The Celebrity, and the magazine has been releasing individual interviews by the members on a daily basis. The latest release is Yuri’s interview, translated below.


Your copper toned skin is really charming. Do you tan?

I’ve never tanned once my entire life. I’ve always burned well, and I really like doing things outdoors in the sunshine. I ride bikes and run, and occasionally go camping too.


If you also tanned in addition to that you would look great.

I wanted once to try to tan evenly, but it’s not an easy challenge (laughs).


After seeing how white the other members are, you’re really dark by comparison.

Haha. Even if that’s not the case, when I wear short shorts or skirts, it gives off the feeling that I alone am not getting any lighting. Therefore on stage with Girls’ Generation I worry if my skin tone will stand out. If I were promoting alone I’d probalby be more greedy.


It seems like after returning from Jeju Island you’re a little burnt.

Starting on June 28, for three nights and four days I was in Jeju filming for the Olive Channel show “MAPS”. It’s a program where Choi Kanghee unnie and I travel around Jeju Island in a car together. We ran all over 40 kilometers of Jeju countryside with nothing but a map. We also stayed in bunk bed at a guest house. I learned so much. Later on, I want to live life like that, a little lighter and slower. I want to live on Jeju Island.


Wouldn’t that be uncomfortable for Girl’s Generation’s Yuri?

Promoting with Girls’ Generation, whenever we go overseas we are always “received”. That used to be something very obvious to me, but after going to Jeju, I objectively realized that I was living a very special life. It enlightened me to things I had forgotten, that everyday inconveniences are not a problem. Rather than inconveniences they are joys, and I re-realized just how precious those things are.


What is life like as a member of Girls’ Generation?

It’s special, but ordinary. Even if you feel happy a million times in one day, there are also times that are so hard you can’t stand it.


Preparing for this album, it seems like there will be new meaning to it.

Preparing an album always has the thrilling feeling of an adventure that lies ahead. I think that sort of thrill is the most fun part of life. However it seems like that thrill and that joy only come when you’ve prepared well. Before you go off on an adventure you have to plan meticulously, of course. Even though adventures and challenges are fun, once they actually start I get nervous and am the type to become cautious.


It seems you’re a working person rather than a moody person.

After working hard, I’ve become in the habit of always working hard, working hard is a given, and if I don’t work hard, I’m uneasy. You can see the result of it, but I think the process is important too. If the process isn’t honorable and gratifying, no one will be persuaded.


Through hard training, you’re currently in the drama and cinema program at the famous Joongang University campus with Sooyoung. Are you stimulated by the unique atmosphere of college?

There are times when I too feel tension without knowing why. I think because everyone else works so hard. Watching my friends at school, I receive a lot of motivation. I recall the times when I was that passionate.


Do you have any plans to pursue to acting on a fuller scale?

I’ve always aspired to and felt burdened by acting. See, I started out as a member of Girls’ Generation, but acting has always been a dream of mine. I’m not impatient about it, but as I get older I want to act far into the future.


What do you think is the foundation of growth for Girls’ Generation over the past 9 years?

There are always good points, and not so good points. After living in this world, I’ve realized that there are times that things don’t go smoothly, and through our suffering, as 8 members we can confidently grow and unite.


Do you have plans to go on vacation after this summer’s comeback?

I’m not the style to plan vacations. If I suddenly have time, right then and there I take off. Maldives, Hawaii, Okinawa, Bali, Guam, Ko Samui… anywhere is good, if it’s a place with sunshine and a beach.


Source: The Celebrity

Images courtesy of The Celebrity
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