SMROOKIES SR15B Release Dance Video

The SM Rookies group SR15B have released a Shit Kingz choreographed dance video to “Bassbot.”

SR15B, a pre-debut showcase unit of the SM Rookies, display their considerable dance skills in this new video, showing off synchronized floor work, partner work, and intricate formations. The members in the video are Johnny, Hansol, Taeyong, Yuta, Ten, and Jaehyun, most of whom have been gaining slow popularity pre-debut by featuring on songs, modelling, and dancing at SMTown concerts.

The dance itself was choreographed by the Shit Kingz, a choreography team known in the K-pop world for creating EXO’s “History” choreography, and the SR15B members clearly spent countless hours practicing this dance. The music video was shot by METAOLOZ, who’s CEO is BoA’s older brother, and has an energetic, dynamic style that both accounts for and synchronizes with the movements in the dance.

Check out the dance video below and stay tuned to moonROK news!


Source: SMTOWN

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