SM Files Formal Lawsuit Against Kris and Luhan for Promoting in China

It has just been announced that SM Entertainment has filed a formal lawsuit against former EXO and EXO-M members Kris and Luhan.

SM made an official statement on February 5, saying: “As former EXO members Kris and Luhan’s formal agency, we have filed a formal complaint with the Shanghai Court on February 4, 2015 against Luhan and his advertisers for participating in celebrity promotions in China.”

The statement goes on to say, “Moving forward we will persist in preventing Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan’s Chinese promotions; we are making clear our company’s official position in order to ensure that no more damage occurs with any other companies.

The SM representative goes on to state, “Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan both filed lawsuits against our company with the same law firm in May and October of 2014, respectively, and after unilaterally filing these suits, we have decided that using EXO to gather popularity through movies, advertisements, performances, and awards merits a formal lawsuit. Their current activities violate the rights of EXO and SM while also resulting in huge economic damages to our company and all of our affiliates.

We invested a large amount of manpower and materials for two years to grow EXO into the world’s best artists. Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan left the group without warrant or permission immediately after our company grew their reputation, ignoring their contracts and basic morality for their own personal profit. Throwing away their company and former members like this is both moral and legal misconduct.

The exclusive contract signed between our agency, Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan will be valid and maintained until the final ruling from the court. The company will take responsibility for all illegal activities during this time. Furthermore, all commercial activities, advertisement modeling, and film shoots that took place independently are all acts that violate the contract. The company and individuals who blindly allowed the breach of contract by Kris and Luhan are also violating SM and EXO’s rights and profit. We will, through legal action, ask them to take legal responsibility as well.

We have officially joined with the Chinese law firm, KING&WOOD MALLESONS and filed suit against Luhan and his advertiser. We will protect the rights of our company, of EXO, and of innocent victims in China and other country regions, and take all legal measures to ensure that we won’t suffer financial damage again.” 


It seems that the legal suit will continue to rage on between SM and the ex-EXO members for quite some time. moonROK will continue to keep you updated on the goings on between the company and its former artists as the legal events continue to unfold, so stay tuned. 


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of Star News
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