SM Entertainment Unveils “Wyth” AI Personal Assistant at CES 2017

SM Entertainment | moonROK
Images courtesy of SM Entertainment and Xports News

Ever the entrepreneurs, SM Entertainment is venturing into a new market: consumer electronics.

The company will be unveiling their new AI assistant, “Wyth” at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

With the tagline “Lifestyle With Celebrities,” the assistant provides users with curated playlists, weather forecasts, the opportunity to sing duets with your favorite artists and more.

Wyth is voiced by SM artists Henry and Tiffany, and was unveiled earlier today at CES.

The purpose of SM’s exhibition of the product is to gather data on the prototype of Wyth in order to add more features and improve user experience and operation of the device.

SM has not yet stated when Wyth will be available for purchase, but moonROK will have all the details on it as they are made available.


Source: Xports News

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