SM Entertainment Creates Official EXO Mobile Phone App for Fans

Starting today at noon, a mobile application will be available for download for EXO fan club members only.

Just now, EXO’s official global fan club “EXO-L” was born.

At noon today (KST), EXO will open the EXO-L official website and mobile application, and will be accepting members from around the world for EXO-L. High traffic and attention from around the globe are expected.

The fan club name “EXO-L” is short for “EXO-LOVE.” As L is between the K and the M in the alphabetical order, the name reflects the message “EXO and fans are one”–which is in line with the EXO team cheer “WE ARE ONE”–for EXO-K, EXO-M, and all fans. 

EXO-L has released a mobile application, yet untried by any other fan clubs, for increased convenience. The bar code in the mobile membership card allows for access to chatting events with members, EXO contents, EXO’s official schedule, and other perks. It is anticipated that many global fans will be eager to participate.

Additionally, to celebrate the opening of the fan club, SM representatives have announced that there will be special EXO events throughout the month of August. Once a week starting August 6, there will be chatting events and quiz events to provide closer communication with EXO. 

Anyone who wants to be part of EXO-L can download the mobile application for EXO-L or become a global fan club member through the EXO-L official website, which opens in about 5 minutes.

Currently, EXO is proceeding with the successful “‘EXO FROM. EXOPLANET #1 – THE LOST PLANET -” concert.


Source: SMTOWN Website

Image courtesy of S.M. Entertainment
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