SM Confirms Yoona is Considering ‘K2’ Role After All

Just a week ago, the internet was abuzz with reports that Yoona would be taking on a new drama role.

At the time, both SM Entertainment and the production company behind the drama stated that those reports were false, and that Yoona would not be participating in the drama.

However, it seems that the situation has changed now that Yoona has received an offer for the starring role.

Today a representative from SM Entertainment stated, “The drama ‘K2’ sent a love call, and Yoona is considering the role positively.”

“K2” is about the secret daughter of a political leader and celebrity who has been sent to live away from the spotlight in France. Yoona, should she accept the role, will be playing the role of the daughter, Ko Anna.

Should she take on the drama role, this will be Yoona’s first drama role since 2013, when she filmed “The Prime Minister is Dating.”

MoonROK will have all the updates on Yoona’s potential role as they are made available, so be sure to stick around for more updates.


Source: Nate, Herald Economy

Image courtesy of Nate News
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