SISTAR Holds ‘Showtime’ Press Conference Interview

It was announced in late December that SISTAR would be starring in their own reality program, “SISTAR’s Showtime.”

Today SISTAR and the show’s staff held a press conference for the program, where they talked about their experiences filming the show.

Before the press conference started, the show’s producer stated, “I thought a lot about the show’s directions and results,” continuing, “I worried a lot about the direction of the show’s progress. Because I wanted to widen the viewing audience, we chose SISTAR. Amongst the current idols, SISTAR is receiving attention from viewers of all ages, and I think that they are a unique and popular group. The members were actively involved in including their ideas. I am looking forward to this being both the coolest and hottest ‘Showtime’ we’ve had yet. Please show a lot of love [for the show].”

SISTAR member Bora stated at the press conference, “Because of ‘Showtime’ we were able to do things that we weren’t normally able to. Our members have been promoting individually instead of having activities together, and we were able to meet a lot more due to the program. It’s so great.”

This will be the fourth season of “Showtime,” the first three seasons each starring EXO, B2ST, and Apink. When asked what the difference between SISTAR and these groups are, Hyorin answered, “It seems like we filmed more honestly and with less embellishment.”

The girls were also asked whether or not it was burdensome working under pressure, to which Soyu replied, “I think we put everything out there when we dressed up as ‘Planet of the Apes’ on ‘Sketchbook.’ There was no pressure on ‘Showtime’ because we just showed our real selves.”

Hyorin added in, saying, “This was our first reality filming. It was great because the four members of SISTAR became more harmonious and past memories of our life in the dormitory together came back to us. I think we’ll show you our real selves, rather than what we show on stage.”

Lastly SISTAR made a promise to their fans that if they received higher than a 2.3% viewer rating, they will give out free hugs at a public place.

“SISTAR’s Showtime” broadcast its first episode on January 8, so be sure to check out the episode to see a different side of the group, and be sure to stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on SISTAR and your other favorite artists and idols.


Source: OSEN

All images courtesy of OSEN
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