SHINee’s Minho Talks About How Hard It Is to Quit Smoking After Starting for a Role

Minho | moonROK
Minho | moonROK

Image courtesy of OSEN

SHINee member Minho has been acting for a while now, so he’s no stranger to the various methods of getting into character.

For his recent role in the film Two Men, Minho took up smoking in order to better step into his role of Jinil: a drinking, smoking teenage runaway.

In an interview with OSEN today, Minho explained why he really started smoking for the movie, saying, “At first I wasn’t going to do it. I was going to tell the director to take out all the smoking parts, but every time I looked at the script it haunted me. No matter how I looked at it, it was the one item that wasn’t an option. After worrying about it, at some point I felt that I just had to do it, and hesitantly took on the challenge.”

Minho continues, “Every time I smoked I thought to myself, ‘this isn’t me smoking, this is Jinil smoking.’ It helped me get to know the feeling of smoking, but more than that it brought me closer to my character. I thought to myself that I should use this method not just for cigarettes, but for every time I act.”

Minho also touched on the challenge of quitting smoking once he had begun. The SHINee member told the interviewer, “I came to understand why people smoke after they eat, or while they drink, or after they finish filming a scene. There is a perfect reason.” He also shared his method for quitting, saying, “After we finished filming I kicked the habit by pinching my thigh. To be honest I almost gave up thinking that I wouldn’t be able to quit. But I had promised myself that I would, and thinking, ‘am I that weak of a person that I can’t even quit this?’ I was able to quit immediately.”

Props to Minho for getting so into his role, and for having the will power to quit smoking once the filming ended.

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Source: OSEN

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