SHINee’s Jonghyun Promotes Child Abuse Prevention Campaign

Known for being one of the more socially conscious idols out there, Jonghyun of SHINee is once again out to do good deeds.

Earlier Jonghyun wrote on posted on his personal twitter, “All the violence in the world gives birth to more violence and eventually the son of violence kills his mother. The conforming of the spectator and the silent are not stories in novels and movies; they are the realities that we live in this world. Hug the child, warmly,” and attached the below picture of a child abuse prevention slogan.

A police department in Busan tweeted, “I had a dream. I dreamed that Jonghyun joined the ‘don’t hit just hug’ campaign. Could you share the child abuse prevention slogan ‘don’t hit just hug’ picture?” encouraging Jonghyun to participate. “Don’t Hit Just Hug” is an online child abuse eradication campaign run by Busan’s cooperative meeting, “BuAeMo,” and the Busan police department.

Jonghyun stated after posting the slogan, “I share this with a thankful heart. Thank you for telling me about this campaign with a great purpose.” With over 1.15 million followers on his twitter account, Jonghyun has often expressed his views on social and political issues, earning him the nickname “Sensible Idol.”

The Busan police department tweeted, “Thank you to all the SHINee fans who are actively participating in our campaign. The Busan police will do our best to continue the child abuse eradication campaign.”


Source: 10asia

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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