Seungri Still in the Hospital, Police Investigation Stalled as a Result

After 10 days, police are still not finished investigating Seungri of BIGBANG’s car accident.

On the afternoon of September 22nd, a representative from the Yongsan Police station stated, “The investigation of Seungri’s accident is still not yet complete. We are continuing the investigation, but the agenda has been pushed back as Seungri is still in the hospital.”

On the subject, Seungri’s agency YG Entertainment stated, “It seems that Seungri’s condition is getting a lot better. However, he is still in the hospital.” YG wrapped up their statement by saying, “All of the details stated by the police station regarding the investigation are correct.”

Seungri sustained minor injuries on September 12th when he crashed his car into a guard rail on the highway. More details on the accident and its aftermath are available here.

moonROK wishes Seungri a quick recovery!


Source: TV Daily

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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