Seungri Readmitted to Hospital

YG Entertainment has just stated that BIGBANG member Seungri has been readmitted to the hospital.

On the morning of September 30th, YG Entertainment stated, “Seungri was readmitted to the hospital to be treated for his extreme fever. Due to his recent accident he sustained many internal injuries and spent a while in the hospital. It seems that he thought that he was in a state of recovery. Either way, it seems that he forced himself to leave the hospital in order to perform at the 2014 Asian Games.”

The representative continued, “After being re-hospitalized, Seungri will focus on his treatment for a while. The other four members [of BIGBANG] will perform at the Asian Games without Seungri. Seungri is really disappointed [that he can’t attend].”

moonROK wishes Seungri a speedy recovery!


Source: TV Report

Image courtesy of TV Report
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