S.E.S Drops “Love Story” Teaser

S.E.S | moonROK
S.E.S | moonROK

All audio and visual media courtesy of SM Entertainment

Ahead of their upcoming SM Station release, S.E.S has released a teaser for their new song, “Love Story.”

The teaser is a clip of member Bada singing the intro from their best-selling song, “Love.” Their upcoming release is a remake of “Love,” so Bada’s newly recorded vocals are sure to excite longtime fans and new fans alike.

“Love” was the title track of their 3rd album back in 1999.”Love Story” will be a mash-up between S.E.S’s debut song “I’m Your Girl” and “Love.”

An SM Entertainment representative gave the following reason for this remake concept, saying, “We considered ‘Love’ a song that would still  be popular and well loved even if it were released today, so we chose to remake it. The lyrics of ‘Love’ are also meaningful and S.E.S would like to convey those feelings to their fans.”

Read more about S.E.S’s comeback here on moonROK, check out the song teaser below, and stay tuned as the release date draws closer!





Source: SMTOWN, XSports News

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