Seohyun Stands on Her Own at Debut “Don’t Say No” Showcase

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This afternoon, Girls’ Generation’s youngest member Seohyun officially made her debut at the SMTOWN COEX Artium in Gangnam, Seoul.

Preceding her 8pm KST showcase for fans, Seohyun held an exclusive showcase for local press and media outlets. In addition to her debut solo single, “Don’t Say No,” Seohyun performed a number of tracks from her mini album of the same title.

The first performance of the showcase, “Magic,” could have been a title single in its own right. Combining a minor R&B chord structure with a heavy 808 beat, the song is minimalistic, sexy, and absolutely addictive. Clad in all black velvet and with a fluid, sexy choreography routine, the Girls’ Generation maknae showed a sensual side of herself far more mature than anything the reporters gathered at COEX today could have expected.

Following her performance of “Magic,” Seohyun introduced herself (“Hello, I am rookie solo singer Seohyun”) and talked with the host about her debut solo album, “Don’t Say No,” which drops at midnight KST tonight. The Girls’ Generation member seemed especially proud of the fact that she wrote the lyrics to all of the songs on the album, save the title song.

On the topic the lyrics and the theme of the album, Seohyun told the media, “I wrote the lyrics to everything except for the title song. The theme of the album is love. When I started writing this album, I knew that I wanted to show 100% of myself. In the past I’ve tried writing lyrics to so many songs — for Girls’ Generation and for TaeTiSeo — and every time they got rejected (laughs).”

Seohyun continued, “We have so many members [in Girls’ Generation] and we have a concept together as a group, and of course I have to follow it, so there are some things that I felt sorry that I couldn’t show yet as a soloist. So this time, I really wanted to show everything.”

Seohyun | moonROK

When asked about the inspiration for her lyrics, Seohyun stated, “Everything’s based loosely on personal experience. But I just started with my own experience as a base, and then filled in the rest with my imagination.”

Seohyun also conveyed her gratitude for the chance to finally show her own colors, saying, “This is a chance that I’m very grateful for.”

Seohyun followed her short interview with a performance of “Lonely Love,” a mid-tempo acoustic-driven pop ballad about being hurt by a lover who has changed beyond recognition, leaving one feeling lonely in their love. Fans of TaeTiSeo’s “Winter Story” and Taeyeon’s “11:11” especially will take a liking to the track.

Finally, Seohyun closed out the showcase with her debut title song, “Don’t Say No.” On the subject of how she chose her title song, Seohyun stated that as soon as she heard it, she knew it was the one. Written by Kenzie, who also wrote Girls’ Generation’s debut track “Into the New World,” Seohyun confessed that she had immense trust in the songwriter to begin with, and upon hearing the song knew that it was the single she wanted to record.



For fans who have been waiting for the Girls’ Generation member to unleash her vocal potential, now is your time to bask in Seohyun’s ability. The chorus incorporates an arpeggio of notes that are by no means reachable for an average or even good singer (prepare for embarrassment as you attempt to sing along), allowing Seohyun to flex her vocal skills while returning to a major melody characteristic of all the catchiest pop songs. With an Ariana Grande-esque feel, the song is sure to draw attention from the public to Seohyun as a solo artist in her own right.

Seohyun closed out the showcase with a personal Q&A with the reporters in attendance at the showcase, and when asked what her main goal was for the release of this album, she answered, “I would like to make a name for myself, not just as Girls’ Generation’s youngest member, but as singer Seo Juhyun.” After today’s performance it seems safe to say that the SNSD maknae is certainly on the right track to doing exactly that.

The music video for “Don’t Say No” and Seohyun’s first ever solo mini album both drop at midnight KST tonight, so until then, check out moonROK’s pictures from her showcase today, and stick around for the drop later tonight.

Seohyun | moonROK

Seohyun | moonROK

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