Seohyun to Fill Eugene’s Spot in S.E.S on ‘Infinity Challenge’

It has just been announced that Girls’ Generation member Seohyun will be filling in a as one third of first generation idol group S.E.S for the show “Infinity Challenge.”

According to the broadcast station representatives, Eugene was not able to attend the filming, so Seohyun will be filling her place alongside original S.E.S members Bada and Shoo.

The trio will be performing S.E.S’s biggest hits, including “I Love You” together on the show.

This is not Seohyun’s first time working with S.E.S, and in fact, she is currently rehearsing for the lead role of Scarlett O’Hara in the upcoming musical “Gone With the Wind,” which S.E.S member Bada was also cast in.


Source: News1 Korea

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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