Seo Taiji to Make Comeback on October 18

Seo Taiji’s comeback schedule has been confirmed.

According to insiders in the performing arts industry, Seo Taiji will hold a mega-concert to announce his comeback at Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Stadium on October 18. The 9th album is also expected to be released a day or two before the date.

Sports DongA’s report shows that “Wellmade Show21,” which overlooks Seo Taiji’s concerts, have already applied to rent Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Stadium for October 18. Wellmade Show21 is cautious to remark that “the negotiation is still in the works and nothing has been decided yet.” However, it is anticipated that to match his brand name and expectations for his music, Seo Taiji will hold his comeback concert at the Olympic Stadium as scheduled. About 40,000-50,000 audience members can enter the Olympic Stadium. Seo Taiji did not have a concert even for his 20th year since debut, in 2012; it seems that the meaning of the 20th year mark will be reconsidered on stage at the great concert space. After finishing the splendid comeback show with the mega-concert, he plans to continue with tours around the country’s major cities. 

The production of the new album is almost at the final stage. Still, Seo Taiji and affiliates have yet to affirm the details on how to effectively make an appeal to the pass public with the new music. For the last and 8th album, Seo Taiji produced 3 singles consecutively starting in July, 2008 then released the official album. The process took place for a year, which was a strategy that suited the “singles-age.” 

It is known that for this 9th album as well, Seo Taiji is contemplating whether to distribute the songs in the album as singles first. The detailed method will be discussed after a distributor is chosen. Seo Taiji is also reviewing broadcast programs to talk about the album production and his new music after the comeback schedule is set.  

Although he has always presented experimental and novel music, the spotlight on him is even hotter now, due to his marriage and the expected birth of his baby. The 8th album has received much press and expectations are high.  

Seo Taiji became the talk of town last June for his clandestine wedding with actor Lee Eun-sung. Lee Eun-sung is expecting to give birth to their baby at the end of this August.


Source: Sports Donga

Image courtesy of Sports Donga
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