Secret’s Song Jieun Releases Teaser Image for New Surprise Single

Song Jieun of girl group Secret has just announced that she will be making a solo comeback with a single titled, “Don’t Stare,” in the immediate future.

This will be Jieun’s first solo comeback in a year, and according to her agency TS Entertainment, the teaser video will be released on September 22nd.

One TS Entertainment representative also stated, “The lyrics of the song are unconventional and noteworthy to the point that it’s rare to hear in the domestic music industry. Song Jieun’s new single ‘Don’t Stare’ is about how it’s not easy to love while fighting against the prejudices of the world.”

Her new single was written by Star Track, the producer team who also wrote B.A.P’s “Angel,” and “ONE SHOT,” as well as Secret’s “Madonna,” “Moonlight,” and I Do I Do.”

“Don’t Stare” will be a medium tempo rock song with a hip-hop beat, and the teaser will be released on Secret’s official fan cafe later today.


Source: 10 Asia

Image courtesy of TS Entertainment
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