SBS Confirms Gary Will Leave “Running Man” to Focus on Music

Image courtesy of SBS

One of our favorite “Running Man” regulars is leaving the program.

It has just been announced that Gary will be leaving “Running Man” to focus on his music.

Gary has been on the show for years, but it seems that he wants to focus more on his original craft. Recently, Gary stated, “From now on, I want to study music and invest more of my time into it.”

SBS has confirmed the news that Gary will be leaving, making a statement saying, “We are so sincerely thankful to Gary, who gave us so much strength and put in so much effort over the seven years that he’s been a member of ‘Running Man’. We hope that Gary, who wants to focus on living life as a musician, not a variety star, will be able to bring the public joy through his music.”

Gary will have his last filming with the program on October 31, and while we’re sad to see Gary leave the program, we are excited to hear what kind of music Gary comes out with in the near future.


Source: Sports Dongah

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