San E Drops Possible Diss Track Against South Korea’s President

San E | moonROK
San E | moonROK

Visual and audio media courtesy of San E

At midnight last night, rapper San E dropped a track titled “Bad Year,” which is widely believed to be a diss track against South Korea’s president, Park Geunhye.

The title “Bad Year” can also be translated as an insult against a woman, and the lyrics at face value seem to be about a man angry at his girlfriend who has betrayed him and is tired of all the disastrous things that have happened so far in 2016. The song immediately blew up in popularity and rose to the number one spot on many charts, including Melon, Genie, Mnet, and others, and San E became a number one search item online.

Listeners believe that the lyrics fit exactly with the current situation in the government with Park Geunhye and her unofficial advisor, Choi Soonsil. The song features lyrics such as “This year has had lots of bad things happen, but by far the worst thing to happen was her,” “You’re just marionette puppet,” and “I was hoping to end this on a good note, but now I need to push you out with anger.”

A representative for San E stated, “Listeners are free to interpret the song however they’d like.


Source: JoyNews24


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