Ryu Accuses Agency of Physical Abuse, Unfair Contracts, and Admits to Having a Girlfriend in Lengthy Defense Post

MR.MR member Ryu has posted a rebuttal to his company’s explanation for his withdrawal from the group.

On the 4th, WinningInsightM posted an official announcement in the fan cafe saying that Ryu had left the group for “inevitable reasons.” This morning, Ryu himself posted in the fan cafe, but it was quickly taken down. The post was as below:


Hello, This is Oh Gitaek,

Hello Misos,

This is Oh Gitaek, who was once a member of MR.MR but has yet to break contract.

Firstly, I regret that I have to upload this sort of post to the public fan cafe, and I myself am in a lot of pain over this.

Although it pains me, my personal stance and that of the post my company uploaded are so at odds with each other, I have no other choice but to upload this long message.

This morning, after receiving many different messages and mentions from fans, I went to the fan cafe and saw the company’s post for the first time.

My real reason for leaving the company is because of their assault, verbal assault, and issues with the contract, and also that we as members are generally neglected at the company. That is my real reason.

 Below is my position on the assault allegation. I plan to submit this as part of the lawsuit. Please take a look.

On January 22nd, 2015, at about 7 or 8 in the morning, I was called to the company president’s office [address provided] to have a face-to-face talk, so I went.

It was there that I suffered the attack and verbal abuse.

I gave my opinion on a song to the president, and he said that our comeback had been pushed, and with the exception of Tey, none of the members should come in to the company office.

Secretary Yoo, of course, had told me this as well via KakaoTalk. Anyway…

He then hit me twice on the ears with a file the size of my forearm, and I was momentarily dazed.

Then, despite my not being able to hear and being dizzy, I couldn’t speak and there was blood coming from my ears, but he continued speaking.

At that point, I decided that I needed to take a photo, but the president seemed as if he would continue and hit me again.

I ended up not taking a photo, and instead sat quietly and listened to him talk for another hour and a half or so without speaking.

By the time I took a photo of where I had been hit, my ears no longer looked so bad. He then showed me an agreement form and told me to sign it.

If I didn’t sign it, he said I would be cut from the group. Before that, I had signed one of these agreements before while on our way to work.

The contract said we were suddenly forbidden from coming into work, and if we were caught outside the dorms, we would be sued for $300,000 dollars.

I knew that agreements like this outside of the official contract were not legal, so I went back to the dorm alone.

Even though I had been hit and was furious, I patiently waited and went to the hospital the next day and spoke with my mother.

This sort of situation had arisen many times before, and there had been other examples of assault and verbal abuse, but the exact settlement had been uncertain and it had once again not been clarified.

When I asked for the calculations, I was called a “money-grubber” and told I would be cut from the group. I was afraid that what the president said was true and I really would be cut, so I couldn’t even speak up for myself.

Usually, per the contract, our settlement calculations would come at the end of each month.

Also, if you listen to the recording, the $300,000 dollar investment is unclearly spoken and not only is there no other evidence, there was no proposal given and although I asked to see our detailed contract, it was not given to us and we were verbally assaulted when we demanded to see it.

Furhtermore my mother was told in a personal conversation about the members, “I  had government background checks done on their fathers and know where their parents live.” (FYI one of the member’s fathers was so angry about this he personally came to the company)

This sort of intimidation continued with another member being told, “We’re thinking about just getting rid of you guys anyway.”

With this sort of thing being said, there was nothing we could really do. If we said that we were unhappy, we would just be kicked out; in the business world they threaten you with your livelihood.

Although we needed to add to the contract, when we asked we were cursed at and called ‘”money-grubbers”, so we just kept hoping, but since we were continually threatened with getting fired, our opinions and needs were completely ignored and eventually we couldn’t write our contract appendage and ended up signing the standard one we were offered.

It was a complete slave contract. The $300 thousand that I mentioned earlier was only spoken of (not written in the contract,) and without that contract appendage, everything could be considered part of our debt. This point was brought up.

The company president said that that’s just how things usually are…

Whenever I has questions about our concept or anything and asked about them, even though I never asked in an angry or accusing voice, I always received verbal abuse straight off the bat.

When our opinions and ideas were brought to the company, we were accused of causing discord and disharmony in the group and were threatened with being fired.

When we went in to talk about things one at a time, they said we were spreading rumors and causing trouble.

Ex.) [We] hate all of you. Did you think we were on your side? This is all your fault.

Eventually, after a lot of this, the members began speaking with each other about it and we realized that what the company was saying was untrue.

And if I had been shown the contracts and what the contents were and then clearly told that I had to sign it. If you had also not been shown but told that it was all my doing.

Had I not told my mother about it, I also would not have known that a Japanese promotion contract in March was also a part of it.

I could have signed a life long contract with any kind of stipulation in it because I did not know. Because I was not allowed to see the contract and what they said was different than what was written.

I told my mother this and that I could no longer handle the company and wanted to leave it, and began preparing for the lawsuit.

They kept mentioning the government background checker and saying that I was trying to show off that I had money and had a secret “sponsor” backing me.

Knowing all of this, I wanted to end my contract with WinningInsightM.

Although they have nothing to do with what I’ve written above, I’m sure the other WinningInsightM staff that I have worked with can read this post and sympathize with what I have gone through. I wasn’t able to speak my mind; it was all so unjust.

The above statement is what I wished to convey.

The above is my testimony. The honest truth about my leaving the group is this.

But I have in fact not cancelled or broken my contract yet, and am still under it.

I know better than anyone how much this post is going to hurt my other members and also the fans, but the company’s false statement on my withdrawal from MR.MR and the unfair treatment I received while in the band needed to be known, so I have uploaded this here.

Again, I am very sorry to our Miso and sorry again that you had no idea my true feelings and had to find out like this.

For so carelessly having been caught dating, I hate myself and am both thankful and sorry to the fans that believed in my unworthy self. I sincerely apologize.

This sort of amazing opportunity is rare and unlikely to come again.

I will return as the Ryu who has not lost his innocent character once again.

Thank you for reading so long a post.

My apologies and thanks.


Source: MR.MR Fan Cafe, Ryu’s Post

Image courtesy of MR. MR
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  1. Ciera 씨에라 7 years ago
    Thanks for translating the whole thing. This company has lost so many great artists already. It’s infuriating. I wish the best for Ryu.
  2. JayHan 7 years ago
    thanks for translating :))

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