Roy Kim to Release 2nd Album in October

Roy Kim will make a comeback after a year and 4 months with his 2nd album “Home” in October. He will be working again with producer Jung Ji Chan, who also worked with him on his 1st album “Love Love Love.” The title track of this upcoming album will feature deep emotions, perfect for fall.

Last year, Roy Kim received a lot of love for his songs “Spring Spring Spring” and “Love Love Love.” Throughout this past year, he has put his heart and soul into creating this new album. He has recently completed filming his music video and is in the final stages of preparing his album.

A music business affiliate from CJ E&M expressed, “This album will show Roy Kim’s growth and the development of his direction in music. It would be great if people could anticipate this album as much as he’s been passionately working on it.”

After Roy Kim makes his fall comeback, he will embark on a national tour, performing at the Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall on October 25 & 26. In November, he will perform in cities all over Korea, Daegu, Daejeon, Busan and Changwon, for his “2014 Roy Kim Live Tour ‘Home’.”


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Courtesy of CJ E&M
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