Roy Kim Makes Surprise Appearance on MBC Program ‘I Live Alone’

On July 7, Roy Kim showed up at Lotte World to make a surprise appearance on the MBC program “I Live Alone.”

Roy Kim made an appearance because one of the cast members of the show, Jeon Hyunmoo, has been doing Roy Kim parodies throughout the broadcast.

One broadcast official stated: “Roy Kim is filming ‘I Live Alone’ outside right now. Since he lives with his parents in Korea, we couldn’t originally cast him to appear regularly on the show. This is a one-off surprise appearance.”

In other news, Roy Kim announced in late May that he is in the midst of preparing a new album, so stay tuned to moonROK because we’ll have all the news on his comeback when he makes one!


Source: Ilgan Sports

Image courtesy of Ilgan Sports
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