Roy Kim Completes First Taiwanese Promotions Successfully

On November 18th, Roy Kim’s agency CJ E&M posted photos onto his official Facebook page of the artist’s first Taiwan promotions, taking place November 13-15. To commemorate his 2nd album “Home,” Roy Kim held fan promotions in Taiwan, which were filled with interviews and broadcast appearances. Local mainstream media paid a lot of attention to Roy Kim’s Taiwanese activities such as influential Taiwanese press from MTV, KKBox and Hit FM and even press from Hong Kong came to Taiwan to see him.

After appearing on a popular Taiwanese radio program, Roy Kim’s “Home” hit #1 on the weekly charts, leading to overwhelming interest from fans and press alike. On November 14th, Roy Kim held a high five event at Taipei’s ATT Showbox that attracted 1000 fans. Roy Kim received high praise for chatting and engaging with all those fans.

In other news, Roy Kim kicked off his Korean tour in Seoul on October 25-26 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium and he’ll be continuing his national tour.


Source: OSEN

Courtesy of CJ E&M Entertainment
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