Roy Kim and Actor Jo In-sung to Appear on ‘2 Days & 1 Night’

Roy Kim and actor Jo In-sung are scheduled to appear on KBS “2 Days & 1 Night”

A representative from the show announced, “Jo In-sung and Roy Kim will be joining us for recording in Muuido.”

This special episode will showcase the close friendship Jo In-sung and Roy Kim have with surprise guests Cha Taewon and Jung Joon Young, respectively.

Jo In-sung’s last variety role was SBS “Go Show” two years ago, so his antics with Cha Taewon are highly anticipated. Roy Kim recently appeared as an MC for the SBS Chuseok special “Something.”

The special episode will also feature Chun Myung Hoon, Kim Je-dong, and Kim Ki Bang.


Source: TV Report

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