VIXX’s Ravi Apologizes for Misogynistic Scenes in “Bomb” MV, Will Rerelease Edited MV

Ravi | moonROK
Image courtesy of Jellyfish Entertainment

At midnight last night, VIXX member Ravi released the music video for his new solo single, “Bomb.”

In the music video, Ravi touches and blatantly ogles multiple women wearing nothing but lingerie, causing offense to many female fans and members of the public.

Just now, Ravi has issued an apology via his personal Twitter account, uploading the following message:

Hello, this is Ravi. In the music video for my title song “Bomb,” I have confirmed that there are controversial scenes of misogyny and commercialization of women in certain scenes. I would like to express my apologies for not being able to realize that this would cause discomfort to everyone who watched the video, and sincerely apologize to the fans who felt this way. Moving forward I will work harder to be much more careful and to create good music and performances in the future. I am sorry.

Jellyfish Entertainment has also reportedly issued a statement on VIXX’s official fan cafe stating that they will re-edit and re-upload the video without the controversial scenes, so stick around moonROK for the release of edited version of the music video.


Source: Ravi Twitter

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