PSY’s ‘Hangover’ Hits 90 Million Views, 100 Million in Sight

Singer PSY’s music video for ‘Hangover’ passed ninety million views on YouTube on the morning of July 4, 2014.

The music video for ‘Hangover’ was released June 9 at 8:00am on video streaming site YouTube. The video received ten million views on the day of its release, and has been garnering about six million views a week since then.

The view count for ‘Hangover’ is tiptoeing towards reaching the number of views on PSY’s global hit, ‘Gangnam Style’. Just twenty hours after its release, ‘Hangover’ achieved a million views; a day later, it had racked up thirteen hundred thousand views, and a week later, the view count was already at six million. Previously, it took ‘Gangnam Style’ nineteen days to reach one million views.

‘Hangover’ hilariously compresses the essence of South Korea’s drinking culture into a single video.  Featuring hip-hop star Snoop Dogg, the video uses an ‘instant replay’ effect throughout to express the cocktail drinking, karaoke singing atmosphere that leads to a narrative watchers are unlikely to be able to tear their eyes from.

PSY’s global hit ‘Gangnam Style’, which was released May 31, 2013, sets the standard for views with an official record of two billion views.


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Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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