Producer and R&B Singer DEAN Added to SXSW’s K-pop Lineup

This year’s K-pop Night Out showcase is shaping up to be an R&B dream.

SXSW has just announced that in addition to Zion.T, Mamamoo, and more, R&B singer and producer DEAN will be joining the lineup.

DEAN — who recently released a new collaborative single featuring Crush and Jeff Bernat — began his career as a part of Keith Ape‘s crew before moving on to become a producer, writing multiple hits including EXO‘s “Black Pearl” and VIXX‘s “Voodoo Doll”.

DEAN will be joining Zion.T, Mamamoo, Haihm, Love X Stereo, and Victim Mentality on stage on Wednesday, March 16 at the Belmont in Austin. The SXSW showcase is open to badge holders, music wristbands, and artist wristbands, so be sure to head to SXSW’s official website now to get access to what’s shaping up to be the best K-pop Night Out showcase ever.


Source: SXSW

Image courtesy of DEAN Official
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