Produce 101 Contestant Kim Juna to Debut via ‘Immortal Song’

“Produce 101” contestant Kim Juna will be having her debut through the KBS show “Immortal Song”.

According to Music K Company Entertainment, “Kim Juna will be debuting on the 12th on “Immortal Song.” Being a contest themed program, we hope that she can become the next generation’s diva by showcasing her skills and work ethic. We will diligently be preparing her performance, so we ask for much love and support.”

The episode that Kim Juna will be participating in will also feature Namgung Okbun, Kim Sehwa, and Kwon Taesu. Kim Juna will be competing against Lim Taegyeong, Kim Bada, Seo Muntak, Yurisangja, Popping Hyeonjun & Park Aeri, Kim Dongjun, and more. Music K Company Entertainment has stated that they will be considering her “Immortal Song” performance her debut stage.

While premiering on the trainee competition show “Produce 101,” Kim Juna was able to keep her main vocal title throughout the show, and showed her powerful vocals and stage stability. Since Kim Juna has proven herself once before on an audition program, many are interested in how her first performance as an artist on “Immortal Song” will be.

On another note, Kim Juna will be releasing her debut single ‘Summer Dream’ on the 12th at midnight, KST.


Source: XSports News

Visual media courtesy of Music K Company Entertainment
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