Park Jinyoung Admits 2PM is JYP’s Highest Earning Act, No miss A Comeback Until 2015

In an interview with Park Jinyoung, CEO and main producer of JYP Entertainment, held a press meeting with multiple media outlets on November 4th where he revealed much about the company and its future plans.

There, the reporters asked, “Isn’t Suzy the highest earning artist in JYP?” to which Park Jinyoung answered, “No, she’s not.”

Park Jinyoung went on to state, “It’s 2PM. They make the most money overseas,” continuing, “They are incredibly popular in Japan and China.”

When asked about miss A’s comeback, Park Jinyoung answered, “Because Suzy is starting filming for a new movie, I want to say that it’ll probably be Summer of next year.”

Park Jinyoung recently celebrated his 20th debut anniversary, having debuted in 1994.


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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