Park Hyo Shin to Release Album, Hold Solo Concert

Park Hyo Shin‘s new agency, Glove Entertainment, has uploaded a teaser poster advertising the singer’s first concert since joining the company.

A representative of the company spoke about the release, saying, “We are currently aiming to release Park Hyo Shin’s 7th studio album in the fall, and we are also planning a concert. Park Hyo Shin himself is very attached to the concert, so he is handling the the concert title, concept, and stage design on his own. We will release information about location, date, etc. as soon as possible.”

This will be Park Hyo Shin’s first solo concert in almost two years, and his first full length album in six years.

Park Hyo Shin recently started an Instagram account to connect with his fans, and Glove Entertainment has a homepage, Facebook, and Instagram as well.



Source: Herald Pop, Glove Entertainment Official Facebook

Visual media courtesy of Glove Entertainment
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