Park Gyuri States ‘KARA Has Not Disbanded’

KARA member Park Gyuri is turning heads with her recent statement that the group has not disbanded.

The 28-year-old singer recently participated in an interview at a theater in Seoul for her first film “Two Rooms, Two Nights,” where she said, “It’s not that KARA has disbanded, but because we are all at different agencies I think that there is a lull in our [group] activities.”

Gyuri continued, “Separately from that, I also want to do individual activities. More than being a singer, since I was a child actor I think I’ve deeply wanted to act.”

The KARA member then made an even firmer statement on the status of the group, saying clearly, “KARA has not disbanded. It seems that somehow the easiest word to describe [our situation] was ‘disbandment,’ and that because people wrote those words everyone seems to have thought [that we disbanded].”

Gyuri then commented on the current relationship between the members, saying, “We contact each other frequently, and we talk about how if there is a good opportunity, we should put out an album. I invited them to today’s movie premiere, but those friends couldn’t come because they had schedules.”

The KARA member then closed out her statement by saying, “I filmed this movie when KARA was in the prime of our promotions. Should I say that this is just in time; rather than [being concerned] that the premiere was pushed back, I think that this is a great start for me. It seems that I can focus better in this environment.”

Last January DSP Media confirmed the disbandment of KARA on the grounds that Goo Hara, Park Gyuri, and Han Seungyeon‘s contracts with the agency expired on January 15, 2016. According to Gyuri though, it seems that the group is determined to stick together, so MoonROK will continue to keep you updated on the various activities of the members.

Here’s to hoping for an epic KARA comeback someday.


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of Star News
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