New Faces HALO Make Official Debut with “FEVER”

Fresh out into the idol scene, HALO released their first single album and made their official debut on June 26.

HALO is a six-member group composed of the leader Ooon, main vocalist Dino, vocalists Jaeyong and Heecheon, and rappers Inhaeng and Yundong. HALO seeks to capture fans’ hearts with their title song “FEVER,” the hip and powerful dance song “GO away,” the acoustic “It’s a Sin to Be Pretty,” and finally “Do You Hear Me,” whose teaser provided a sneak peak at the 6 members.

“FEVER” was co-produced by composers KZ, Daun Jeon, and Crazy Sentiment. Additionally, Ina Kim wrote the lyrics while Untouchable’s D-Action wrote the rap and Monday Kiz’s Hanbyeol Im participated in the chorus.

“FEVER” is a novel type of a song–it boldly includes various genres such as punk, hip hop, and electronic, with New School as the base, with over 200 tracks.

The music video, which was also released today, reveals the story of the six members with different personalities and hobbies reuniting under the name HALO and their love for music and dance.

Composer Kangil Park–who has produced “Because You’re the Only One” by Hyorin of Sistar, “Come to Me” by Sunye of Wonder Girls, and many other songs by BMK, B1A4, Four Men and more–participated in this album as well.

HALO’s agency AYIN Holdings stated: “HALO went through a long preparation period, and all six members have excellent skills and talents.”

Check out the music video below and stay tuned to moonROK for more exclusive updates from our partners like this one!


Source: eDaily

All visual and audio media courtesy of 1theK
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