Nam Taehyun Officially Leaves WINNER

Taehyun | moonROK
Taehyun | moonROK

Visual media courtesy of YG Entertainment

On the 25th, YG Entertainment officially announced that Nam Taehyun has left his group, Winner.

The press release read, “After having troubles keeping up with all of Winner’s promotions, Nam Taehyun suspended his activities as part of the group, and on the 18th decided that after two years of being part of the group, he could no longer continue and has ended his contract.” Nam Taehyun was cited as suspending his promotion activities in early October for mental health reasons.

A representative stated, “After completing this year’s very short promotions, Nam Taehyun unfortunately needed to take a few months off from the group to recover his mental health. All of the YG staff and the rest of the Winner members hoped for Taehyun’s full recovery. However, the issue was one that he had had since a young age, and after realizing it was not something he would be able to recover from well enough to restart promotions, he decided to fully withdraw from the group. Although Winner and Nam Taehyun will not be able to promote together any longer, we hope that they can both be supported in their respective musical endeavors from now on.”


Source: Kyunghyang Newspaper

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