MR.MR’s Ryu Leaves the Group

On the 4th, MR.MR‘s management, WinningInsightM, announced that the youngest member, Ryu, would be leaving the group.

The company gave no clear reasons for the departure outside of “inevitable reasons.” Despite recent comeback rumors, it seems that the group will continue on as 4 members; as of now there has been no announcement that a new member will be added. Ryu is the third member to leave MR.MR.

The official announcement is below:

This is WinningInsightM.

Unfortunatly we have sad news for our Misos who always appreciate and love our MR.MR. We are really sorry to announce this.

Around 2 years amd 4 months have passed since MR.MR’s debut.
During this time of receiving a lot of love from everyone some really sad things have happened.

Our youngest Ryu, who received lots of love all this time came to end his contract with the company due to inevitable reasons and thus we have to sadly announce that he will be leaving the group.
The reasons for ending the contract include differences in the understanding of music and others. We hope for your understanding.

In this hard and sad times, to become a MR.MR that will be continuously loved, the remaining members and staff will put in all their effort to do their best.

We once again apologize to our loving Misos.
We hope you will watch over our always improving MR.MR.
Thank you


In other news, Tey recently made his solo debut with the song Danger. Stay tuned for more MR.MR updates and all the best of luck to Ryu!


Source: MR.MR Daum Fancafe

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