Exciting news for all the Mon Bebe out there, especially those who are residing in the US: Monsta X is coming to LA!

It was just announced that the Starship Entertainment boygroup would be performing in KCON 2016 in Los Angeles, joining other famous Kpop acts such as Girls Generation- TTS, CNBlue, and TWICE in the lineup. Gaining more and more popularity with their fierce image, Monsta X will certainly bring the heat to the KCON stage this summer, especially with their latest comeback “All In”.

Aside from LA, the Kpop convention will also take place in New York with an equally exciting line-up including Ailee, Seventeen and BTS. Marking its 5th years running since 2012, KPOP USA continues to be the largest forum for Hallyu fans in America.

The tickets for KCON in LA go on sale today, June 10th, so make sure not to miss out on the chance to meet your favorite Kpop artists!


Source: KCON Official

Image courtesy of Starship Entertainment
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