Mnet to Create Female Rapper Survival Program

Having already become TV’s hip-hop sensation with their “Show Me the Money” series, Mnet is planning on creating a female rapper survival game program.

Teams of 8 to 10, or perhaps individual players, will participate by guessing the producer of a song that is presented. The program is scheduled to air in December, and because the program is still in its planning stage, the format of the game may change.

The hip-hop frenzy swept over Korea’s music charts since last year, yet female rappers were absent from this phenomenon.

Mnet’s goal is to begin broadcasting in December, but they have only cast only half of the contestants so Mnet plans to expedite the production of this program as soon as they find a diverse group of contestants. 

Among the producers are the most popular who have the greatest influence to the hip-hip scene.

A music industry associate stated, “There are many aspiring female rappers these days who have their own distinct color. I am anticipating that a female rapper star will arise soon. I think that this new Mnet program will help encourage more female rappers.”


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of Mnet
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