miss A’s Suzy Makes 100 Million KRW Donation to Korean Honor Society

Today, miss A member Suzy attended a meeting of the Honor Society, where it was announced that she has contributed over 100 million KRW (about $91,000 USD) to the charity organization.

In a press release from the Honor Society, a representative stated, “Today Suzy became a member of the Major Donors tier donors who have donated 100 million won to the Honor Society at this, the 791st meeting.”

According to the representative, Suzy made a donation of 100 million won to the Gwangju community chest branch of the honor society on March 17, solidifying her membership as a Major Donor at today’s meeting.

Suzy herself made a statement, saying, “I found out about Honor Society from my parents and the good people around me, and joined the organization by making a donation because I wanted to give some small strength to those who are experiencing difficulties,” continuing, “I want to aid in the treatment of children suffering from incurable diseases such as pediatric cancer.”

Suzy is the seventh celebrity to join the list of Major Donors in the Honor Society, with Girls’ Generation member Yoona being the second.

Kudos to Suzy for being so generous with her hard earned money, we love seeing idols engaged in philanthropy!


Source: Xports News

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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