Minzy to Potentially Join Cast of “Unnies Slam Dunk” Season 2

Minzy | moonROK
Visual media courtesy of Music Works Entertainment


Minzy may be returning to the small screen.

It has just been confirmed that the former 2NE1 member might be joining the cast of “Unnies Slam Dunk” Season 2.

Today a representative from the broadcast station confirmed the news, saying, “Right now we are positively discussing Minzy [for the show].”

The first season of “Unnies Slam Dunk” was a hit, largely thanks to the resultant “Unnies” group’s catchy single, “Shut Up.” The second season of the show is scheduled to start airing some time in February.

Minzy also announced that she would be releasing a solo album soon, so stay tuned to moonROK for more information on both her television and musical activities!


Source: TVReport

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