M&H Entertainment Confirms I.O.I Member Kim Chungha Will Make Solo Debut Next Year

Chungha | moonROK
Chungha | moonROK

Image courtesy of Mnet

With a final performance as a group in January, many are wondering what the members of I.O.I will be doing following their last concert together.

Today, M&H Entertainment has confirmed that for at least one member, we can expect a solo debut.

The company has just announced that Kim Chungha will not be promoting with a group after I.O.I, but rather as a solo artist. A representative from the entertainment company told the media today, “Kim Chungha is debuting solo. Once her I.O.I activities come to an end, she will be preparing with a goal of making a comeback in the first half of 2017.”

The representative from M&H then continued, “The title song and the form of the album have not yet been decided. Anything is possible, and we’re currently in the process of gathering songs.”

moonROK will have all the details on Chungha’s solo debut as they are made available early next year, so be sure to stick around for more details as she kicks off her solo career.


Source: Herald Pop

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