Melody Day Announces January Comeback

Melody Day | moonROK
Melody Day | moonROK

Visual media courtesy of Melody Day

Girl group Melody Day has announced that they will be making a comeback in January of next year.

During a VApp broadcast earlier in the day, the girls of Melody Day personally announced that they would be making a comeback soon. Member Chahee said, “We will be releasing a digital single at the end of the year. Instead of focusing just on what would be popular, we really want to produce good music with meaning. This digital single will be that kind of song.”

Member Yumin then said, “We have a male artist featuring on this digital single, someone who is related to our group’s name.” Fans are now speculating on what Yumin’s hint could mean, and which male artist will be featuring on their track.

Chahee finished off by saying, “We will be making a comeback in January. Because we are busy preparing the new album and practicing, we are going to have a very busy end of the year.”

Stay tuned to moonROK as more information about Melody Day’s digital single and mysterious featuring artist comes out!


Source: Herald Pop

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