MBLAQ’s Mir to Enlist in Korean Army in 2 Days

The time has finally come for Mir to serve his mandatory two year service in the Korean army.

The MBLAQ member uploaded a message to the group’s official fan cafe stating that he will be enlisting on July 14, just two days from now.

Mir’s message reads thusly:

Hello, it’s Mir.

The weather has been incredibly hot these days, and I’m wondering how you are all doing.

As for me, I am spending each day gratefully and busily.

I am writing this message today to inform all of you of some sad news.

On July 14, I will be enlisting in the army.

You all must be taken aback by this sudden news, and I am sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner.

As the time comes for all Korean men to enter the army, I think to myself, isn’t this that time for me?

I hope that you all won’t worry or be upset.

Because I’ve received so much love, I think that this time will allow me to grow my humanity and skill sets.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting and loving me, even though I am lacking.

I will engrave that love into my heart, and fulfilling my duty I will return as a cooler, more mature Mir.

During that time too, please continuet to support me, and to smile as we wait to meet again. From the bottom of my heart, I love you, and thank you.


It looks like we won’t be seeing as much of Mir for the next 2 years, but after reading the letter, it seems that fans can rest assured knowing that the MBLAQ member will serve his country well and return to the entertainment industry when he completes his service.


Source: MyDaily

Image courtesy of The STAR Magazine
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