MBLAQ Members Say There’s Something ‘Empty’ About Having Only 3 Members

On June 24, MBLAQ made an appearance on SBS Power FM’s “Kim Changryul’s Old School” radio show.

On the show, the host asked MBLAQ multiple questions regarding the departure of former members Lee Joon and Thunder.

When Kim Changryul asked what the good points and bad points were of being just three members now, MBLAQ responded by saying, “First of all, the car is roomier. It’s also nice that getting ready doesn’t take as long. We also eat more food and we are very unified right now.”

The group then goes on to say, “However, there is something empty about it. It’s not as if all those years didn’t pass and their memories didn’t happen.”

The host then asked the group if they ever contact their former members, to which they replied that they occasionally do.

Finally, Kim Changryul asked if the lyrics of the group’s new single, “Mirror“, were aimed at Lee Joon and Thunder.  The lyrics of “Mirror”, especially if viewed from the perspective of being aimed Lee Joon and Thunder, are certainly intense:

Without a word, you just left me
My heart trusted you so much but it broke down
I’m still hurting
Because I trusted you more than anyone else
My scars are even bigger
You didn’t even say sorry

In front of the mirror, do you see yourself?
Even if you pretend nothing’s wrong, you’ll think of it
I cared for you more than anyone else
It hurts so much, what do I do?

Seungho replied to this question by saying, “If you see it that way, then it seems like it could be that way. As the leader I never wanted the team members to leave.” 


Source: MBN

Image courtesy of J.Tune Camp
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