MBC’s ‘Music Core’ Executive Says “Overflowing with Energy Since the Ban on Lip-Syncing”

This overflowing energy is in reference to MBC Music award program ‘Music Core’s’ atmosphere after the ban on lip-syncing.

On the 23rd, an executive for Music Core, Park Hyunseok, told Star News, “After putting a 100% ban on lipsyncing, the atmosphere of our show has changed completely,” he said, adding, “The vitality is palpable and the stage has become a more meaningful place.”

Executive Park disclosed, “Singers without the proper confidence in their vocals no longer stand on stage and those who do have the confidence display more spirit in their performances.”

From this point on, ‘Music Core’ will no longer book artists who cannot even sing a entire verse on their own, it was revealed.

In an effort to showcase the difference between singers who need a recording studio to tune their vocals and true singers with vocal talent, the new rule has effectively banned those who rely more heavily on recording studio technology to produce their music.

In the face of the many dance tracks backed by MR (music recorded), ‘Music Core’ has decided to turn towards only those performances which can display a 100% lip-syncing free stage. In circumstances where it is impossible to sing the entire song without back up vocals, during rehearsals on the day of, instead of a pre-recorded song, songs with ‘doubling’ (songs with faint back up vocals) will be allowed, but blatant lip-syncing without uttering a single sound will not be tolerated.


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of MBC
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