LEESSANG’s Gil to Return to Music with December Joint Concert

LEESSANG’s Gil has been on hiatus after his drunk driving incident in April, and now 8 months later he will be returning to the entertainment scene next month. LEESSANG, Jung In, Haha & Skull will hold a joint concert on December 30th and 31st at the Olympic Park SK Handball Arena.

LEESSANG’s agency stated, “We planned for this year-end concert far in advance at the beginning of this year, so we worried a lot about whether Gil should appear at the show. Under such circumstances, we have come to the decision that Gil as a singer should offer a formal apology to his fans on stage and will join the concert.”

Furthermore, “During these past 8 months, Gil has immersed himself in deep reflection and has only been focusing on making music. It was a difficult decision, as he worried a lot and felt mentally burdened.”

The concert will be a special joint show featuring 3 different artists. The lineup includes hip hop duo LEESSANG, charming vocalist Jung In and passionate, energetic reggae duo Haha & Skull. The concert is titled “Hab x Che” which in English translates to “Sum x Body” because the concert is a collaboration of different energies to create a unique synergy. The idea also is for the stage and audience’s energy to become one to finish off the year.


Source: Ilgan Sports

Courtesy of CJ E&M
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