Lee Soo Man Announces Debut of SM’s New Boy Group, NCT

NCT is coming to a city near you.

In a presentation last night, SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man announced an unprecedented strategy for the promotion of it’s new group, dubbed NCT, short for Neo Culture Technology.

According to Mr. SM himself, the group has infinite members; over time, different teams within NCT will be formed with the specific goal of achieving localization in different cities. For each release, each team will perform the same song, but in different languages.

The first NCT unit is expected to make their debut in the Spring of 2016, and will be actively promoting in Korea and Japan. From there, more teams will be formed and will promote farther overseas, in places like South America and Southeast Asia.

NCT just released their first two official teasers, so check them out here and let us know what you think of SM’s new promotional strategy in the comments below.



Source: SM Entertainment, OSEN, MyDailyNewsen

All visual and audio media courtesy of SM Entertainment
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