Lee Juck to Embark on U.S. Tour

Lee Juck will be making his way to the U.S. for two concerts this September.

He has put on sold out shows in both small and big venues, as well as performing at Korea’s leading festivals. He is considered to be a “must item” in the Korean music industry and has received a lot of love from the Korean public.

Lee Juck expressed, “I’m always happy to meet foreign fans. It takes a lot of time to coordinate everything from the full band to the lighting, but if I can properly express my music, that’ll multiply my joy tenfold.”

He also adds, “I feel like I’ll actually be more excited standing on stage than the audience. For those who enjoy my music, I hope you anticipate my concert.”

Lee Juck will be performing at Club Nokia (LA) on September 25 and at Best Buy Theatre (NY) on September 28.


Source: Ilgan Sports

Courtesy of Wide Coverage
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