Lee Joon Denies Reports That He’s in a Relationship

Recently, multiple reports have surfaced questioning whether or not former MBLAQ member Lee Joon is in a relationship.

Lee Joon’s agency, Prain TPC, officially stated on January 8, “Lee Joon went to an arts high school majoring in dance, which is why he has many more friends that are girls. They are just his close friends, and nothing more.

Prain TPC continued, “The actor himself does not think of dating as an embarrassing thing. When he does meet someone, we will try to deliver the news first, before the rumors begin. Lee Joon is a young man who wishes to perform passionately rather than date at the moment. We ask for much support for his future acting career.”

One media source reported that Lee Joon is going on two years with a high school sweetheart, who is not a celebrity, and are carefully continuing to meet.

Lee Joon and his group, MBLAQ, recently left their previous agency, J Tune Entertainment, and moved to Prain TPC. Lee Joon will be starring in SBS’ new Monday Tuesday Drama, “Heard It As a Rumor” this coming February.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of OSEN
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