Lee Hi to Hold Asian Showcase

Lee Hi will be having her first ever Asian showcase this summer.

According to a representative from YG Entertainment, Lee Hi will start her Asian promotions on July 25th. For now, it is confirmed that the showcase will be held in Shanghai on the 27th and on August 5th in Taipei. More updates on the showcase dates in other countries and cities will be revealed later.

The showcase in Shanghai is said to be take place in a small theater, with a seating capacity of about one thousand. Lee Hi will be actively taking part in various events with her fans, and also performing all her hit songs such as “My Star”, “Breath”, “1,2,3,4” live for the audience with the help of her band.

Since her debut in 2012, Lee Hi has never officially promoted overseas, so the Asian showcase is garnering much attention. Through the showcase, Lee Hi hopes to gain more attention and share her vocal abilities with a bigger audience.

Lee Hi has received lots of love and support for her full album SEOULITE and title track, “My Star”, so there is no doubt that her Asian showcase will be a success.

As further showcase information becomes available, it will be published here on MoonROK, so keep your eyes peeled!



Source: Star News

All visual media courtesy of YG Entertainment
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